This advanced default property disposition tool lets you design your workflow and processes to fit the specific needs of your company, whether you manage small or larger real estate portfolios. Customizable tasks enhance communication between all parties involved in a transaction.

Key Features

  • Organizes tasks, dates, properties, and closings for a more efficient workflow
  • Integrates with your servicing platform or stands alone as a single, reliable portal
  • Provides role-based views
  • Includes Escalation and Approval Workflow Capability
  • Manages the disposition process from pre-foreclosure to post-closing
  • Provides Secure login, built-in process checks, and point & click convenience

System Supported Processes

  • Initial Inspection/Occupancy Status
  • Eviction
  • Property Preservation/Securing
  • Valuation Ordering and Reconciliation
  • ClearView Offer Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Settlement Services

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