Exceleras is a premier provider of web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset management providers to efficiently manage and value real estate. We offer two web-based solutions: DispoSolutions and ValueSolutions.

Exceleras offers a pre-configured solution that can be easily customized to meet client needs quickly. The company targets two customer types:
  • Firms that are using another system and are frustrated by limited customization and lack of integration
  • Smaller firms that are ready to move beyond spreadsheet-based transaction management platforms
Exceleras has a record of being an invaluable solution for both client types by offering a system that is intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive.

Exceleras, located in Glencoe, Illinois, was established in 2006. The founders applied over 20 years of national real estate experience to build a company that has become one of the industry's fastest growing servicing technology firms in the U.S.

Mission Statement

Exceleras is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering strategic thinking, collaboration, and outstanding customer service to our clients in the mortgage servicing and real estate industries.

Exceleras software drives workflow automation, allowing true management by exception, and provides transparency to all stakeholders.

Exceleras has the knowledge and experience to partner with customers of every size while maintaining the agility of a small company.


DispoSolutions is an online real estate disposition platform delivered as an integrated solution into the client’s servicing platform or stand-alone system on a SaaS basis and was engineered to help maximize performance throughout the servicing process. It combines complete workflow management for all phases of property management from initial default through foreclosure to the final disposition of the real estate. The platform integrates easily with all major servicing platforms to provide a single, reliable portal for enhanced communications between all parties involved in the transaction, while ensuring full compliance and accountability. DispoSolutions offers built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help servicers make more informed decisions. It also provides easy access to quality service providers across the country, from appraisers to attorneys. The firm’s national vendor database includes ratings to help servicers make better, more accurate decisions.


ValueSolutions offers the industry’s most advanced online valuation management software. This all-inclusive valuation platform is simple to use, fully automated, and highly customizable. ValueSolutions fosters better communication between parties and provides accurate information, as well as unique benefits such as automated vendor payments.